Event Details

To help with travel planning, the first start on Saturday morning is 10am with expected last start around 12:30pm; course closure on Monday is 2:30pm. For those flying to Auckland on Saturday morning, please note that for Saturday's event it's at least a 90 minute drive from the airport plus time on a forest road and then a good 10min walk to the start so allowing a minimum of 2 1/2 hours is advised.

Saturday 30 May 2015

Map: Waioneke

Location: South Head Road, Helensville

Setter: Rob Garden

Controller: Marquita Gelderman

Terrain: Ranges from mildly steep to very steep. Generally gully/spur on high sand-dune terrain with some areas of intricate contour detail

Vegetation: Pine forest, generally open with good runnability, some undergrowth vegetation reduces visibility and runnability. Some areas recently thinned.

Noteworthy features: Large sand blow areas sparsely vegetated, often with intricate contour detail.

One of New Zealand's best maps. Last used NZ Champs in 2012, but only for courses 1 and 2, so a ‘virgin’ area for most runners.

Auckland Champs: Long

Sunday 31 May 2015

Double Middle with afternoon Chasing Start

Map: Muriwai and Pulpit Rock

Setter: Dave Middleton

Controller: Geoff Mead

Terrain: Muriwai – typical Woodhill sand dune type terrain
    Pulpit Rock - Flat to steep, Woodhill sand-dune.

Vegetation: Muriwai - Pine forest ranging from very open to areas with cutty grass and thinnings.
    Pulpit Rock - Pine forest, mainly very open. Some areas of native bush

Auckland Champs: Middle (morning race)

Monday 1 June 2015

Map: Otakanini Topu

Location: Helensville

Signposted From: SH16/Rimmers Rd intersection

Setter: Mike Beveridge & Lauren Holmes

Controller: Allan Janes

Terrain: Flat to rolling sand-dune terrain, some steeper areas, intricate contour detail

Vegetation: Ranges from very open pine forest to areas of younger trees with reduced visibility. Some areas of thinning and storm damage.

This forest has been remapped after 12 years with almost no use. This was many people's favourite map during the 1990's. Very technical forest area in parts of low visibility, with some farmland, and some fast open forest. This has great variety, and has flat to moderate climb.